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Enhance your collection!

With this Personlized toy you will be able to prove that you are a JEDI KNIGHT or any Star Wars person!!!!

Makes a Great Gift

Do you know someone that has practically every Star Wars action figure ever made (or wishes they did)? They don't have this one! This would make a great gift to enhance their collection............

This is a custom made card using the Vintage Star Wars card disign by Kenner but with you in the picture.

The Card and bubble is flawless.

The picture on the card will have the head of you or someone you know. And I will work closley with you to figure out which figure resembles your picture and which picture to put your head on.

The picture is just an example. I can use any picture. I used young Anikin for my 8 year old son, I used Princes Leia for my wife. The posibility is endless and we will work together to get it right.

After purchase, just email me and we will get started. For example, I may need you to email me a picture facing the camera or slightly turned.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! I am so confident that you will absolutely love this personalized carded toy that I am offering a money back satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason this carded figure doesn't exceed your expectations simply return it within 10 days for a full refund.

Please email specific questions if needed.