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# 1, Vintage figures as well as Unleashed statues and gentle giant mini-busts. 
#2 POTF cinema scenes, unleashed statues, vintage hoth figures, endor battle scene.

#3 I have over 270 Mint on the Card figures from almost every version of star wars figures made.  Including, vintage-potf1/2-potj-ep1-aotc-flashback.
# 4 Along with the star wars collection I enjoy finding awesome spider-man statues and predator/Aliens memorabilia.
#5 What kind of star wars fan would i be with out the old school poster collection.
#6 some recently purchased marvel figures hanging next to spider-man.
#7 The figures surround just about every inch of free space, I'm actually out of room.
#8 I actually have the entire episode 1 figure collection, even the hardest to find pieces.
#9  Some people say it's a waste or others are just blown away by the magnitude, but it's a fun hobbies to have, unfortunately my figure buying days are coming to an end what with scant space left and the expense of college on the horizon.  Thanks for checking out the site.
Daniel's Collection
Comment from the Web (Jedi) Master.
This guy has a great collection. Carded figures, posters, rare collectables, ect. Daniel's collection is so large it is even climbing onto his ceiling (see pic# 7).