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Tired of searching the Galaxy for an authentic Graflex Flash Tube? Tired of  dealing with Bantha Poo that sell lightsabers for $300 to $600? Well, I decided to do what any real Jedi would do...make my own.

This Manuel contains collected efforts and experiance to create replica lightsaber instructions. These replica lightsabers were completed on a budget, since the point was to avoid paying up to $600 for a company made one in the first place. I'm sure you will find this information useful and insightful. May the Force be with you always...

When Star Wars first hit the theaters in the summer of 1977, one of the things that stunned the audience was the incredible special effects -- effects like no one had ever seen at that time. What made this even more amazing was the low budget that George Lucas was given to film his blockbuster. Given the budget he had, he didn't have the luxury of having props machined from scratch. Indeed, his clever staff was able to find common already made items and turn them into convincing weapons and tools from a galaxy far, far way.  You can do the same.

The parts are available at most hardware stores such as Home Depot, Radio Shack, Walmart or Lowe's. You can find these parts at comparable overseas stores as well.

Please note: these sabers WILL NOT will not cut anything!!!! Damm retaliate…

Enhance your collection!

One of the final steps to become a true Jedi is to construct your own lightsaber!!!


You can build a light saber just like the one Luke Skywalker used in the movie. Or Obi-Wan Kenobi in Ep.1. Or Darth Vader's. Or you can build a custom one of your own even with a neon blade or a fighting blade. These are great detailed instructions.

Cost to build a light saber are around $10 to $50. Usually around $25.

To buy one it will cost you over $400.

You will have detailed instructions to build Luke's, Vader's or Obi-Wan's Saber. Very close to the original!!!!!!!! Comes with pictures and diagrams.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! I am so confident that you will absolutely love this item that I am offering a money back satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason this item doesn't exceed your expectations simply return it within 3 days for a full refund.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!


Lightsaber Plans $19.99
Lightsaber Plans $19.99
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